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SolutionsIQ is Happy to Announce Agile Coffee Talk in Bangalore on 22nd October 2016, at Lemon Tree Premier, Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore

Theme - "Enterprise Agile Transformation"

The term “Agile” has been popularly employed because “being adaptive and responsive to change” is the core element in Agile Thinking. 

Over the last 15+ years of Agile, practitioners have mastered processes and practices that help manage changing requirements effectively and efficiently.

However, when it comes to Scaling Agile across the enterprise, we are talking about change in a larger set up. There comes a whole new set of dynamics and challenges that need solutions beyond the integrated practices that may have been working so far. 

In the upcoming Agile Coffee Talk in Bangalore, we will take a look at Scaling Agile and managing change that comes along with it. We will listen to seasoned practitioners share their thoughts on delivering sustainable change.

Change Management (CM) refers to any approach towards transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations. Methods are intended to re-direct the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly reshape a company or organization.

We are happy to announce the first session of the Agenda – Lean Change Management – A Workshop on understanding change through chaos & confusion. Soma Mohanty and Purav Shah challenge you to experience the chaos of change at its best!

Agenda Highlights:

In this session, you will work your way through the initial confusion and lack of clarity to build solid understanding of a given situation and hence a better roadmap to progress. This workshop is based on the transformation system developed by Virginia Satir. An element of the Satir System is a five-stage change model that describes the effects each stage has on feelings, thinking, performance, and physiology. Using the principles embodied in this model, you can improve how you process change and how you help others process change.

We invite you to join us at Agile Coffee Talk, Bangalore and take one more step towards developing a shared understanding of what Enterprise Agility is all about. 


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Lemon Tree Premier
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